Category: Waxing Eloquent About Creativity

In which I wax eloquent about creativity

Just Say “Thank You”

I love your hair color! Thanks, but its not really mine, I color it. I love what you’ve done with your lawn. The landscaping is beautiful! Thanks, but I got the idea from something I saw. I’m not that creative!...


Creative Dry Spells

Just like the weather, we all have our creative dry spells. These periods of un-inspiration can be frustrating, especially if you have a reason to need some creativity. (Like if you’re trying to write a blog about creativity and you...


Unconventional Creativity

When we think about creative expression, we tend to think of the arts: music, painting, drama, etc. But, creative expression and inspiration come to different people in different ways. And, for almost everyone, it will sometimes come in what may...