About Creative Accomplices

I’m Karen Stonecypher and I like to make things. You could say I’m a DIY-er. You could say I’m an artist. You could say I’m a gardener, seamstress or cook. None of these terms are broad enough, but they all fall under “creative.” I love to create. But, even more than that, I love to use my creative endeavors to improve my life and the lives of those around me.

I like to think of creative endeavors as our accomplices in living a good life. Being in a creative state feels good. We’re making something useful or beautiful. The things we make are usually cheaper, better quality and healthier that things we could buy. Giving away things we’ve made feels good. We’re creating little ties between ourselves and others and being socially connected benefits our mental and physical health. And, we’re often benefiting the environment, which improves everyone’s quality of life.

Creativity can directly affect our quality of life. Come with me as I explore how, and perhaps you can join me and become one of my accomplices in making the world a little better.