Two years ago was when I determined that I was actually going to plant garlic. The fact that I’d made the same resolution many times in the past and didn’t wasn’t relevant. This would be the year. The reason I never followed through before is because I have this habit of looking through my heirloom seed catalogs at all the various and exciting (yes, exciting. Don’t judge me.) kinds of garlic at the wrong time of the year for ordering and planting garlic. And despite the fact that this year was no different, I was still going to have garlic, even if it wasn’t heirloom or purple or the size of a baseball.

So, one day, I put the baby in the van and we took a trip to the garden center down the street. (Let me just make a side note here to say that garden centers are decidedly non-baby-friendly. So, this was really a chore.) I looked around but couldn’t find any garlic. So, I asked the sales lady where the garlic was. She said they didn’t have garlic. I had no idea if this is normal garden center behavior, so I didn’t make a fuss over the issue, but I did ask where I could get some to plant considering it was too late to mail order any. Her answer: the King Sooper’s grocery store down the street. She said I should just buy some heads of garlic from the produce section and plant the cloves from those.


I always assumed that garlic from the store must have been treated with fungicides or something that would make them not sprout. But, if she said so, I was going to try. I was a little disappointed because I was thinking that the local garden center would at least have a couple varieties to choose from even if they weren’t as exciting as the catalog choices. Now, I had to go to the grocery store where there was one kind and it was the most boring of all. Oh well. I was going to have garlic. I didn’t have time that day, but the next time I went grocery shopping I bought a couple heads of garlic.

Next I had to figure out how to plant them. I know myself. If I go get one of my gardening books off the shelf and look up how to plant garlic I will get distracted by a dozen other plants and topics and I’ll spend the time I should have spent planting the garlic getting overwhelmed and excited about too many other things. So, in keeping with my new resolution to “just do one thing,” I didn’t open my gardening book. Instead I went to to looked up how to plant garlic. This is my favorite quick how-to site. (Just the week before I looked up how to prune my ficus and how the grow a new plant for the cutting.) I can get distracted on eHow too, but not as easily as a book.

So, with my garlic cloves and knew found knowledge in hand, I went to the garage to get my trowel. It wasn’t there. I have 3. I couldn’t find any of them. Organization of my garden tools is not one of my strong suits. There is corner of the garage where I usually throw them, assuming I didn’t just leave them in the yard. But, said corner was bare of trowels. (Maybe organizing my garden tools should be my “one thing” some day. Not today.) So, I took my little hand rake thing (it probably has a name I’m not aware of) and went to plant garlic. Thankfully, I’d prepared the soil in this bed last spring and it was still loose enough for the hand rake thing. And, 20 minutes later, I had planted my garlic.

Then I watered and waited for next June to find out if the garden center sales lady knew what she was talking about.

Yep, it turned out that she did. I was more than a little pleased. I finally had garlic, one of the most basic of cooking ingredients, right in my own yard. Now that’s beneficent!