So, I’ve been thinking lately about how to reuse things creatively instead of throwing them away. Here are a few of my favorites plus a few you all have sent to me.


  • In this photo, sides of a baby crib that no longer met federal safety standards are used as a trellis for pea plants.








  •  Crocheting plastic grocery bags into rugs. My mother does this and taught me how when I was a kid. You cut the grocery bag into one long 1-inch strip and then crochet them together with a large crochet hook. They feel good on the feet, last forever and are easy to clean. Here is one my mother made.

grocery bag rug 1






  • Reusing glass jars as containers for leftovers instead of purchasing plastic to put food in. These don’t need to be special canning jars either. Just keep your pickle jar, peanut butter jar, etc. Anything glass with a screw top lid. I put leftovers in them. I ferment pickles in them. I keep old soy sauce bottles to put homemade vanilla extract in. I put dried beans, or chocolate chips, or dried fruit in them so I don’t have tons of plastic bags in my pantry that are hard to sort through. I fill them with fun things and give them as gifts. I refill them with homemade peanut butter. As my friend, Juli, does they can be used to make overnight oatmeal. There are SO many ways to reuse glass jars, there is rarely a need to throw them out!

IMG_9612 IMG_9610












  • Here is an old burlap coffee sack as a planter for potatoes. This idea was given to me by my friend Emily, who got a pile of coffee bags free from a coffee house that was throwing them out. When they are finished you just dump out the bag! Or cut it from the bottom and harvest the potatoes  from the bottom up.

2014-08-07 14.14.51








  •   Toilet paper tubes stuffed with dryer lint make great fire starters for camping or for a fire place. They make lighting the fire much faster and easier. Whenever you have an empty toilet paper tube, put it one your dryer and then every time you empty the lint trap, stuff the lint into the tube. Store them someplace away from anything that could ignite them!








Reusing things instead of throwing them away and creating more waste makes the world a little better and you get to use your creativity to think up new ways to do it. That’s beneficent!

What do you creatively reuse?