When we think about creative expression, we tend to think of the arts: music, painting, drama, etc. But, creative expression and inspiration come to different people in different ways. And, for almost everyone, it will sometimes come in what may be considered unconventional ways. Ways in which we often fail to see the creativity for what it is.

Take sports for example. Having played basketball as a teenager, I know the joy of feeling skilled at a competitive game. Of deciding and creating moment by moment how the game is going to go. I know the state of flow that comes with being immersed in a complex and challenging situation to which you feel you can rise.

I would argue that any activity in which you can enter a state of flow is potentially a creative act. (Although, I don’t think all creative acts lead to flow, especially while we are still learning them.)

In what other activities could creative expression be seen that you may not have looked for before? Think about your daily life. Is there an element of creativity to the daily things you do? Could there be if you were mindful of it? How could you cultivate a creative mindset in the things you do?

When we see ourselves as creative in our daily activities of life, we shift our mental stance from reactive to proactive. We are no longer reacting to things (coworkers, kids, traffic, etc.) as they come but actively creating a situation in which we play a key role. And, changing our stance from reactive to proactive drastically changes our mental state for the better. We feel more on top of life. We have higher feelings of competence and confidence. Re-framing our lives as creations we are helping make…well, it’s beneficent!